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Demolition of any building requires specialized knowledge and professional approach. Similarly as mounting, dismounting any building structure has a number of features and should be in accordance with the requirements of safety and hygiene standards.

Dismantling includes preparation for dismantling the building, its immediate execution and garbage collection, and often impossible without the use of special construction equipment and trucks.

Monolithic works today are used in the construction of most residential or industrial purposes. For monolithic technology are as foundations, bearing columns, floors and walls.

Our company has qualified staff and own formwork system "Ulma" (Italian group Ulma Constructions — world leader in producing construction formwork) for monolithic work for any purpose in the Ivano-Frankivsk region and other regions of Ukraine.

Our company implements projects of private houses and cottages on the whole, "turnkey" from project development, construction work, to landscaping the surrounding area (fencing, parking, ornamental lawns and outdoor lighting system).

We also do not limit their activities only turnkey construction, at customer we perform construction work of various stages, whether the house foundation, walls, roof system installation, the device roof screed and plaster.

One of the main activities of "Foress" is a reconstruction. Experience in the field of reconstruction and redevelopment of buildings and premises allows us in a short time and with high quality to make this work, regardless of the complexity of the object and its location.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures — is a survey of the existing buildings, the assessment of its condition, performing complex repair and construction works aimed at the reproduction of certain constructs, or the entire building as a whole.

The first thing to decide on what exactly you want to convert to his apartment, what materials you want to use in the processing to which the budget repair you expect and in what time frame you want to complete all the work.

Without such a plan work, repair the apartment or cottage, can turn into chaos, and the result may disappoint you greatly. Make a plan for repairs only possible if a complete picture of the future interior considering placement of furniture and appliances.